The Best French Restaurants in Los Angeles for Families

Discover some of Los Angeles' best family friendly French restaurants! From classic bistros to modern eateries - here are our top picks for enjoying classic French dishes together.

The Best French Restaurants in Los Angeles for Families

Los Angeles is a great place to find delicious French cuisine, and there are plenty of family-friendly restaurants that offer a variety of dishes. From classic bistros to modern eateries, here are some of the best French restaurants in Los Angeles for families to enjoy. Republic La Brea is an award-winning and critically-acclaimed restaurant that serves up classic French dishes with technical precision. Signature dishes like steaks with French fries, mussels a la marinera, and croque monsieur are sure to please.

Don't forget to try Big Mec, one of the best burgers in town, and save room for one of Petit Trois' delicious seasonal desserts. Mr. T is an elegant product imported directly from Le Marais in Paris. The bistro's food may be inspired by everyone, but the discreet, elegant atmosphere and culinary base make this a French restaurant from start to finish.

From starters to desserts, all Mr. T's dishes land with just the right touch, especially the macaroni and cheese, which even come with its own pyrotechnic show next to the table. The restaurant's fun, top-notch cocktail program helps make up for all the exquisite cuisine. For the best results, sit down at a table in the patio, where olive trees lit with ropes and tall hedges offer a surprisingly intimate dining experience in Hollywood. Camphor, Downtown Arts District, is another great option for families looking for French cuisine.

The light-as-a-cloud French cuisine is more than adequate in the restaurant's spacious white and blue dining room, where old-school touches and a light culinary approach combine in an impressive mix of elegant and non-traditional cuisine. Mélisse is smaller and now iconic with a Michelin star. From Citrin, more informal (but even more exclusive), Mélisse by Josiah Citrin continues to offer one of the best French tasting menus in the city, with luxurious and detail-oriented dishes such as caviar in chawanmushi topped with imported Hokkaido uni and a rich chestnut soup with even more delicious truffle foam. In their bustling new store in Los Feliz, chefs Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer bluntly appeal to convenience with a menu featuring slow-cooked roasted chicken. At Walter and Margarita Manzke's La Brea bakery and restaurant, you can't stop at. I've seen tired adults laugh with abandon after a bite of hot dog with mozzarella and sausages, an impaled bread encrusted with panko that produces the most powerful cheese dough in Los Angeles.

Pasjoli is an elegant haute cuisine restaurant that has a higher price than most of the no-tasting restaurants on this list, but don't let that dissuade you from trying it at least once; everything from the old French duck press to the seasonal dishes and the delicious chocolate soufflé achieves the right level of elegance for your next special occasion. While it's by no means the best French cuisine in town, this old-school restaurant retains a certain nostalgic appeal, especially when you consider the affordable uncork fee and the slightly higher daily menu prices. The 5,000-square-foot restaurant at Santa Monica's Bergamota station is a clamorous industrial space that swallows the noise of the youngest. Dim sum restaurants are designed for families and offer the amenities of a seated restaurant with the comfort of a ready-to-eat meal. Located in old town Pasadena, this family-run French bistro with a spacious front patio serves simple dishes such as steak tartar, snails and modules with fries without much fanfare. Whether you're in the mood for French cuisine or new American cuisine, these fine-dining restaurants are perfect for special occasions. This casual and cozy Taiwanese restaurant (a sister restaurant of Pine & Crane) is always a favorite with kids. The San Gabriel Valley is in the midst of radical change, and the growing presence of Sichuan and Chongqing-style hot food restaurants that populate the region is the clearest sign. Los Angeles has plenty of family-friendly restaurants that serve delicious French cuisine.

From classic bistros to modern eateries, here are some of our top picks for enjoying classic French dishes with your loved ones. Republic La Brea, Mr. T, Camphor Downtown Arts District, Mélisse, La Brea Bakery & Restaurant, Pasjoli, Bergamot Station Restaurant & Bar, Family Run French Bistro in Old Town Pasadena, Fine Dining Restaurants for Special Occasions, Cozy Taiwanese Restaurant (Pine & Crane), Sichuan & Chongqing Hot Food Restaurants - these are some of our favorite places to enjoy classic French dishes while spending quality time together as a family.

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