Exploring the Best French Dishes in Los Angeles

Explore some of Los Angeles' best French restaurants offering classic bistro fare to modern brasserie cuisine - from bouillabaisse to steak with French fries, croque monsieurs to snails.

Exploring the Best French Dishes in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a vibrant city that is home to a wide variety of cultures and cuisines, including French. From classic bistros to modern brasseries, the city has a plethora of restaurants offering delicious French dishes. Bouillabaisse, steak with French fries, croque monsieurs and snails are some of the most popular dishes at French restaurants in Los Angeles, CA. Ludo Lefebvre's Parisian-style bistro is one of the top spots to enjoy French bistro food in the city.

The iconic dishes on the menu, such as steaks with French fries, mussels a la marinera and croque monsieur, demonstrate the kind of technical precision that sacred cuisine requires. Don't miss Big Mec, one of the best burgers in town, and leave room for one of Petit Trois' excellent seasonal desserts. Since 1927, Taix has been providing Angelenos with a taste of the Basque countryside. While it's not the best French cuisine in town, this old school restaurant retains a certain nostalgic appeal, especially when you consider the affordable uncork fee and the slightly higher daily menu prices.

Pop into one of the stands or sit down at the bar to enjoy quintessential French dishes such as frog legs, trout and almonds and an orange duck only on Saturdays. Mr. T seeks to expand Los Angeles' culinary exploration with its global inspiration. At this restaurant, chef Alisa Vannah takes full advantage of California's abundance and is dedicated to including fresh, high-quality ingredients in every dish.

The restaurant's handcrafted cocktails and well-crafted wine list are another lesson in balance and intentionality, and its elegant, minimalist and welcoming interior puts the focus on your food. République is one of the pillars of Los Angeles' dining scene. Whether you're coming for a quick cake or getting ready for a luxurious multi-course dinner, chefs Walter and Margarita Manzke will ensure that you leave satisfied. The restaurant is located inside a historic building originally built in 1929 by Charlie Chaplin.

The front of the building has a cozy cafeteria, bakery and bar, perfect for a quick bite and catching up with friends. The back part houses a more formal dining room, which allows guests to choose from an expertly prepared menu. L'Appart offers an exquisite masterclass in French cooking. Its kitchen showcases incredible Los Angeles ingredients and serves delicious versions of all the classic dishes that restaurant lovers want in French food, from French onion soup to snails to crème brûlée. This base of simplicity and tradition defines the restaurant, from its menu to its name, which translates as The Apartment. Camphor brings unlimited ingredients and flavors to the table with its classic French training and desire to break with tradition.

The restaurant's playful menu is complemented by its cocktails and wines, which are designed to bring balance and intentionality to each dish. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Camphor with a group of friends: the more you bring, the more food you can share and savor from the menu. This French-inspired brasserie has been praised on the Los Angeles dining scene and has embraced Los Angeles in return. Chef Ramon Bojorquez has created a list of carefully crafted French classics, including French onion soup, candied duck, millefeuille and steak with French fries. In true Southern California style, the restaurant's menu is based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and also offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Pasjoli may be a quarter of a mile from the sandy beaches of Santa Monica, but it's dedicated to paying homage to the Parisian markets that shape French cuisine.

Led by award-winning chef Dave Beran, Pasjoli's dedication to preserving fine cuisine, sourcing high-quality products from Southern California, and giving a creative twist to bistro classics keeps members of the Los Angeles dining scene coming back for more. If you're a carnivore, be sure to order some of the restaurant's birds; it is known for its pressed duck. Los Angeles is home to some incredible French restaurants that offer delicious dishes ranging from classic bistro fare to modern brasserie cuisine. From rich French onion soup to buttery snails, French food in Los Angeles is as decadent and tempting as what you'll find in France.

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